My 2nd A-lister is …..

Barely cosmetics!

Today I am once again counting down to my Attracta Beauty Award winners on July 4th, by showcasing my 2nd of only four A-List choices that I am choosing to post on my Instagram page, from my shortlisted list of products.

I have chosen the Definer Sponge Soft by @barelycosmetics , because I’m 100% happy with its effectiveness as a makeup tool for applying foundation onto the skin.  I rarely ever use sponges anymore as a lot of them that I have used in the past have absorbed too much product, leaving them messy and forming streaks on the skin.  When I started to use this Barely sponge I was a little sceptical however after numerous weeks of using it on set and on myself it has won me over!  Another positive it washes clean each time after application which is a big plus when I’m on set.  Keep watching to see who my other two A-listers will be over the next 2 weeks!  Barely got onto my A-list but will it get my winners award?? July 4th all my winners will be revealed here on my blog.

Keep watching on  attractabeauty to see first which product will be my 3rd choice!



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