By Terry Color-Fix Cream Eyeshadow passed the test….

In general, I am not a great fan of eyeshadow pens, past experience has shown me that alot of them do not apply very well as the product is either too dry to smooth evenly over the eyelids or they are very drying on the eyelids after they are applied.  The colours look great when they are applied to the hand however the real test is when you apply them onto the eyelid, that delicate area of the skin will always reveal if pens are effective or not at delivering the product smoothly.  When I received these By Terry products, I was curious to test them first on myself, hoping that they would deliver better results that previous brands I have tested – By Terry did not disappoint!!!.

Firstly, I loved the intense colours of all these shades as shown on my hand, they have a shimmer glow in reality.  On my eyes they were super easy to apply and smoothed effortlessly over my eyelid with no dragging or pulling sensation.  A rich expensive colour resulted, which didn’t dry too quickly, allowing me enough time to smooth the colour with my fingertips all over the eyelid surface for a more intense effect, they’re perfect to create a smokey eye makeup.

I only ever post products here that I have tested on myself first and I am satisfied with; these 7 colours ranging from rich gold to jet black are now in my makeup kit.  I am new to this range, however, all of the products I have tested so far are great.  I am impressed by the rich colour pigment in all their products, one application, whether it’s from their eyeshadows or lipstick range is sufficient to get an intense wearable colour.

I look forward to creating lots of interesting makeup styles with this new range of colours, all the colours are perfect for any season.

P.S  The colours are super easy to remove with either a liquid or cream cleanser.  This is a big bonus for me, particularly when I am working with models on a beauty story changing the makeup lots over the day.

(I tried the chocolate brown colour in no.13 on my eyes from this Color-Fix Cream Eye Shadow range!)



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