It’s time to break through that old, grey-age, beauty ceiling!

Radio 4 Glad to be Grey

Earlier today I was listening to Mary Beard on Radio 4, I was gripped with fascination when listening to her program on this fantastic topic on people’s attitudes to grey hair and more importantly what our general opinions are still, to growing older!!

Grey hair can strike at any age.  What was seen as a catastrophe once upon a beauty time, can now be seen as a major new beauty hair trend for some people; young girls are actually choosing to colour their hair grey.  For now grey hair is either seen as you’re old or the the other extreme, uber-cool and ultra trendy if you are young!

Personally, I am not interested in number counting or plucking out any stray greys, rather I truly believe Age, whether you are grey or not, is all about Always Gaining Experience.  I hope you enjoy listening to this podcast and age gracefully or (grey-fully) in your own wonderful, unique way.



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