The day Dr Sebagh told me all about Age Maintenance

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Today I am starting to plan the key categories for my 2017 Attracta Beauty Awards.  There will be some new categories added for next years awards to include “Skincare Experts”.  I recognise that the discerning public is even more keen to discover the best of the best skincare specialists who have launched their own ranges.  I have had a long rich history and experience of working with some of these experts and most importantly testing their products.  In the lead up to the announcement of my 2017 awards, I shall be posting some interviews that I did for All Access Magazine in the past, when I was the Creative Beauty Director there.  My role gave me access to interview some of the great pioneering skincare visionaries who now have become household names. Dr Jean Louis Sebagh, who coined the catchy term Age Maintenance” was one of the first Doctors that I interviewed for the magazine, here is the interview.

I have always been curious to get to know the stories and people behind innovative, pioneering skincare and makeup brands, in the following days and weeks I will be posting some of these old interviews from All Access and also new interviews from todays leading 21st Century beauty & skincare pioneers.



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