I want to share this great new skincare brand …

and it’s from Dr Maryam Zamani.

I was the makeup artist who worked on the beauty images for the brand, which gave me a great opportunity to see for myself how these products worked and treated the skin.  Having direct access to Dr Zamani I was able to ask lots of questions on the day about the ingredients that were used in the range.  Knowledge from an expert is powerful, the information I gained allowed me to specifically observe for targeted outcomes; I was impressed with the results as it was visible how effective the products worked in harmony with each other, I did not have to apply too much product onto the skin for the desired results of instant luminosity and effective skin moisture.

When I am working on any fashion or beauty story it is essential that I always choose the right skincare products to bring an instant surge of freshness and glow to the skin, experience has taught me, if you apply too many different products the skin can end up looking and feeling greasy, because the ingredients may not be working in synergy.  The models will always ask what products or mixtures I have used as they will  immediately feel and see the effect of the products on their skin, and want to do the same at home.  I am passionate about sourcing out only the best skincare products both for myself and for my kit, because I am a firm believer that when you find a brand that has sourced the most advanced ingredients in optimal concentrations the results will show in a short period of time, which brings me to my conclusion, that less is more when you treat your skin with effective products that are carefully designed to bring optimum age maintenance results!






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