A new addition to my beauty well-being called Lumity

I am an avid believer in beauty and there is nothing more enriching that receiving a genuine beautiful smile from another to touch my inner well-being.  The person who smiles from that unconditional loving space is a rich, beautiful person to be around.  The days that I feel really rich in beauty are the ones when I am feeling in optimum health and inner well-being, abundant in unconditional love and appreciation for what I have and all the people that I meet, young, old and every age in between.  This abundant beauty is so enriching to all.  I believe that beauty always begets beauty.  When I am working on set I see how some photographers are gifted in capturing that special moment that makes an image stand out from the rest, I feel privileged because I sense that something special has happened as a result of a great team collaboration.   A private caught moment, where the model starts to relax, feeling safe to awaken and share the brilliance of her own unique beauty.  It’s these moments that I treasure on set, or in day to day life, because I truly believe that when people are assured and feeling their optimal best great moments of true beauty can and do arise.  It’s on gorgeous blue sky autumn days like this that I feel earthly rich, in awe of nature’s beauty, as I appreciate all the beautiful autumnal colours, whilst the crisp frosty cold awakens my senses.

Now that we are going into the season of shorter days and longer nights, to maintain my health and beauty well-being, I always add to my own skincare routine by stocking up on “nutricosmetics”; food supplements that are science backed, offering positive results for skin, hair and nails.  This season, I will be adding Lumity to my daily beauty maintenance, a supplement that I have read great things about.  Delighted to see that they are made from the highest quality of natural ingredients free from synthetics, parabens and sugars.  Recent studies have suggested that our gastro-intestinal tract may not be able to absorb synthetic nutrients, therefore much of what we consume maybe expelled rather than assisting in cellular or in this case collagen production.  I will give this new supplement sufficient time to work.  Like skincare, my research has always shown me that it is better to wait 4-6 weeks to see significant results when using any new product – I call this my slow beauty routine, where I respect the product by giving it enough time to show positive results in my body and skin enough time to reap the benefits, hopefully to see lasting effects as a result of good beauty nutrition.





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