My thoughts on that word and others on the subject of ageing …..

Yesterday was a wonderful day meeting beauty experts who are passionate about making women look and feel beautiful.  I attended a makeup event where the expert make-up artist was genuinely in love creating beautiful makeup and teaching women the skills of how best to use makeup to get the look that suited them best.  I left that event feeling very inspired, until I started reading a newspaper on the tube, then I got very upset; Why oh WHY do some journalists keep referring to makeup as “slap”?  I always feel so uncomfortable when I read or hear this word referenced to makeup in the press.  I find it sooooooooo offensive on all levels.  In all my years as a professional make-up artist I have never heard any of my colleagues use this word, thankfully!!!

On a different point, yet equally important to me, I frequently question why are we still using negative fear-based language around the word AGE?.  What is so wrong with ageing and why are unhealthy, anxiety fuelled words like “ANTI, WAR, DEFYING and BATTLE against still been used to precede the word age?.  These words do not sit easily with me and that is why I continue to address this subject hoping soon that the new optimistic words and language around age and beauty, which is growing fast, will build great momentum so that these tired, fear based, offensive words will be dropped, deep into the bowels of history never to resurface around the topic of ageing.

I retweeted this quote yesterday:  Do not regret growing older; it is a privilege denied to many.  Let’s hope soon with a fresher beauty mindset – ageing will become a much more positive experience, not one that is seen as a battle or war.  Healthy age maintenance and holding thoughts of positive beliefs and language/words are very close to my belief systems.  What you read or see on a continual basis will have an impact on your feelings, negative words like those mentioned above, in my opinion, are not the way forward to communicate a positive message on ageing.   Today I came across this fantastic video from a group of independent thinkers who discuss this topic and beauty.  Coming across media like this makes me feel very encouraged.  I am not alone in my thoughts and like any great movement of change it just needs a few people to get the conversation going and change will come, I am sure.  As we progress into this new century, I trust that these words will be dropped, people will age not worrying about the “battle or war” rather enjoying every moment of been alive. Thankfully there are lots of great new skincare brands already on this movement of change, choosing to use words on their packaging that reflect healthy age maintenance.

The fashion and beauty insider’s in this video led by Ed Burstell from Liberty are also challenging these “old” age and beauty taboo’s.  In a talk recently I said that “Women today are no-longer invisible rather VERY visible and enjoying all that is beautiful about life, beauty and living.”  I hope as we progress deeper into the 21st Century terms like middle-age and old-age will belong to the “Middle Ages”, assigned to that time in history which was less tolerant of open minds and change.  It is time to change our beauty story for A FRESHER NEW ATTITUDE – AN  INCLUSIVE CELEBRATORY BEAUTY FOR ALL PEOPLE WHO WISH TO EXPRESS THEIR OWN UNIQUE BEAUTY as they choose at whatever age.

“I believe we are living in the most opportune time now to open new thought processes related to our relationship with beauty, our skin, ageing and makeup; it’s a time to re-set our beauty thoughts to zero to start afresh with a beauty acceptance and language that is tailor-made by you and you alone.  We are in a century where we DO have BEAUTY CHOICES!!!  Let’s make wise ones for our future and that of future generations.”


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