For now the beauty is in the details …. but I have high expectations.

I always appreciate when brands go the extra mile to make their products stand out, the small details that go into making the packaging interesting immediately communicates to me that the brand is proud of its products.  Pure – Honest – Effective is the tagline for Tropic skincare, words like that get me interested.  I look forward to testing out this Super Greens skin serum over the next few weeks.  The serum just arrived today at my studio, I can immediately score it 10/10 for presentation, however now the real test begins; in a few weeks I will let you know how the serum worked on my skin.

The literature states that the serum is supercharged with vitamins, Kale and nutrients that work effectively to deeply penetrate into the skin layers to enhance your skin with glow and vitality.  The serum is green in colour and has an earthy comforting fragrance.  After a quick test on my hand the liquid absorbed immediately into my skin without leaving any greasy residue – it felt very fresh.  Keep checking back for when I will write a more informed review.  Like the salad bowl suggests I think this could be a very promising winter skin food tonic.




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