A Nu cool just arrived at the Attracta Beauty studio

One of the great luxuries of been a make-up artist is tearing up the makeup rule books daily and creating new beauty directions.  I am booked for magazine shoots by photographers because they want me to create fresh new beauty styles to capture; beauty editors always want to write about makeup directions that are far ahead of trends.  What makes my day easier on these shoots is working with products that are easy, colourful and effortless to apply.  My followers on Instagram are always more engaged when I post images that show the textures and playfulness of products.  They are more interested to see and learn how makeup application has become more individual and expressive; less fashion driven, more experimental and colourful.

Today has given me an opportunity to test out a new makeup brand called MINA (3INA).  Photographed are a selection of their very usable, colourful mascaras, cream eyeshadow pots and long lasting eyeliners in a variety of fun, young playful colours.  This is only a taster of what they have, their store is in Covent Garden – the hotspot for all funky new beauty brands at the moment.  I really like the textures and variety of colours this brand offers, I am truly spoilt for choice in the studio today.  If you are looking for bold new ways of expressing your individual style – this brand will help you all the way to release your inner creative artist.  No excuses – its time to get playful!!

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