Day 9 goes to the Academy Awards nominee Tina Earnshaw

Tina Earnshaw’s makeup brushes and Japanese print wrap gets my day 9 favourite beauty discovery in 2016, in my Christmas countdown.

A few months ago, I had the privilege of meeting the highly successful and talented make-up artist Tina Earnshaw in London, where she introduced me to her beautiful, personally designed makeup brush range.  Tina’s film credits are infamous to include the legendary Mama Mia and The Titanic to name a few.

From the outset, I could see that Tina was passionate about her brushes, her rich history on the film sets all over the world fuelled her desire to design only the perfect makeup tools to ensure application perfection.  Her years of experience gave her hands on wisdom to personally design the best style of brushes that are required to create beguiling, memorable film makeup. Without a doubt these brushes are carefully curated, each brush has been designed to ensure absolute precision; the handles are short to fit perfectly into your hand for better control, the brush hairs are effortlessly efficient in holding the makeup colour pigments until applied. After my conversation with Tina, I left knowing that these brushes were designed with love, by a beauty expert who is passionate about her work and how her clients feel as they are made up for their leading camera roles.  These brushes will last a lifetime and I look forward to creating more new beauty stories with them in 2017 – perfect makeup tools for The Attracta Beauty Woman!.



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