Christmas countdown Day 8 goes to ZARA’s new perfume collection

Zara Home’s new perfume collection had to be on the list for my favourite 12 new beauty products to discover in 2016.  I was only introduced to this new unique line of perfumes from Zara Home a couple of weeks ago.  All of the perfumes are unisex and each one transports you to six different lifestyles in scent.  This is the first time Zara Home has stepped into a collection of personal fragrances, designed in partnership with two internationally renowned perfumers: Alberto Morilla and Jérôme Épinette. Fabian Baron, the iconic creative is behind the luxury packaging and design concept.  All of these eau de toilettes are luxury and each fragrance comes with its own unique story line, to seduce you into their mystery.

My favourite is Floral Mystery (the pink bottle), the heart notes are Peony, Bamboo and Spring Magnolia complimented by the base notes of White Woods, Amber and Pink Peach, a very dreamy, gentle earthy fragrance.  Let me share its story:

While the world is asleep, the meadow wakes.  Pale sunlight turns the morning dew to shimmer, wildflowers sway in the warm summer breeze.  It is a moment for soft earth yielding under bare feet, for breathing the new day in-transitioning peacefully from dreams to daylight.

I am a huge advocate for “slow beauty”, pausing, to truly appreciate the essence of the creation.  This new family of fragrances spoke to me, and I hope when you come across it, you will pause too, to discover the story behind each of the fragrances – you will not be disappointed!




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