Dr Barbara Sturm MC1 miracle cream ….. It works!!

The best way to show that I have loved using a product is by showing my empties.  Last year I had an opportunity to meet Dr Barbara Sturm on one of her visits to London, where she introduced me to her skincare range and hero skin product, MC1.  After taking a blood sample from me, a bespoke cream called MC1 was prepared for me in this pot, infused with my own healing protein factors. Today is my final day to use the cream as it has come to its expiration date.  The product lasts for 3 months, it is super effective, potent and free of preservatives.  I can confirm that this has been the BEST ever skincare cream that I have used in 2016.  I have been applying it twice a day and my skin is always looking great, my pores are hardly visible.  I always speak about the importance of listening to the voice of YOUR own skin because  it truly reflects if a particular product is working or not – this product has been the Rolls Royce of skincare for me.  Yes, it is very expensive but it is one luxury I do not regret.

All Dr Sturm’s products are free of parabens, fragrances and mineral oils, which is the good news, they are packed with super rich antioxidants to include the plant Purslane, which guarantees the healthy presence of the powerful Omega 3 fatty acids which are essential for skins healthy maintenance.



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